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  A resource center for SMEs who want to use technology to simplify and grow their business.

With this whitepaper from AMI-Partners, learn how products such as Oracle Database Standard Edition One can enable small and midsize enterprises, like yours, to:
  • Enhance productivity
  • Strengthen database security, reliability, and availability
  • Reduce overall costs

  • Oracle Application Server Standard Edition One & Oracle Database Standard Edition One Foundation for Growth
  • Meeting the Needs of Small and Medium Sized Enterprise (IDC)
  • 10 Step Strategy for SME Success (Datamonitor)
  • Are small and growing business making the most of technology (Director Magazine)
  • Software and Services in The SMB Market (Forrester Research)

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Get the latest information on Oracle products and solutions suited for SMEs.

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This database contains thousands of solutions built using Oracle technology by Oracle's partners. The solutions are all designed for small and midsize enterprises, and address a wide range of industry-specific needs.

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