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No respite from security headaches
It is the job of any security professional to exercise constant vigilance. Bodyguards, for instance, are trained that way. And IT security pros are no exception.
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Power-hungry IT industry is "unsustainable"
With 'green IT' high on the agenda for both CIOs and tech vendors, Gartner claims electrical power consumption is just "the tip of a melting iceberg for an IT industry that is currently unsustainable".
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Offshoring - how to get it right
The debate about whether - and how - to send work overseas has moved out of the IT department and into the domain of top-level business executives and the board. Andy McCue speaks to the experts about best practices for all the various options.
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£2bn surge in UK R&D spending
According to the Department of Trade and Industry's 2006 R&D scoreboard, spending on research and development in the UK has risen to £19.2bn this year from around £17bn in 2005.
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Beating fraud - can business intelligence help?
Fraud, data theft, e-crime. These may not be the first terms that come to mind when thinking of business intelligence software but, says Will Sturgeon, sophisticated analysis of data can indeed help companies beat nefarious activity.
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