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Ensuring Data Protection for Growing Business (AMI-Partners)
In this white paper, we look at how SMEs often progress through the IT adoption cycle and consider some of the operational and security challenges they face in aligning their IT strategy with their growing business needs.
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Oracle Application Server Standard Edition One & Oracle Database Standard Edition One: Foundation for Growth (Oracle)
The Foundation for Growth white paper explains how Oracle Application Server 10g Standard Edition One in combination with Oracle Database 10g Standard Edition One provides a solid, comprehensive technology platform to get organisation on the Web, share information effectively and run and build applications.
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Meeting the Needs of Small and Medium Sized Enterprise (IDC)
This whitepaper covers what is needed for small and medium-sized businesses to implement and maintain database applications taking into account small business concerns, such as budget limitations, time, and resources. It also explores with customer case studies how Oracle has delivered the desired capabilities with Oracle Database 10g Standard Edition One.
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10 Step Strategy for SME Success (Datamonitor)
A research and strategy reports aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) carried out for Oracle Corporation. Includes a 10-step plan for SMEs to gear themselves up to capitalize on a re-emergent economy..
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Are small and growing business making the most of technology (Director Magazine)
Technology has the potential to improve the performance of smaller businesses and help them grow. But many still fail to exploit it fully. What's the root of the problem and how can that be solved?
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Software and Services in The SMB Market (Forrester Research)
SMEs consider the replacement of outdated systems and the deployment of major applications as most important this year, driving spending on application licenses and related implementation services. SMEs will invest most heavily in applications that support industry specific processes. Find out more in this whitepaper.
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